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 Biography :
• Biography
• Saint John the Apostle : questions to Father Philippe
• Pictures of Father Philippe
 Interview by :
• Christian Chardot (in French)
• Marie-Christine Lafon (in French)
• Etienne de Montety (in French)
• Luc Adrian
 Father Philippe's Return to God :
• Return of God the Father Marie-Dominique Philippe
• Father Marie-Dominique Philippe's funeral mass
• Letter of Mgr Abune Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel, CM
• Address of Brother Jean-Pierre-Marie
• Prayer for the funeral Mass of Father Philippe (in French)
• Pictures of Father Philippe's funeral mass
• Testimony of Father Bernard Bro, o.p. (in French)
• Testimony of Father Daniel Ange (in French)
• Testimony of Louis de Beaumont, cousin of Father Philippe (in French)
• Testimony of J. Ferreira, Responsable du Focolare masculin pour la Suisse romande (in French)
• Testimony of Odile Mallet Davy, actress and director (in French)
• Communiqué des Associations Familiales Catholiques (in French)
• Article of Alain Michel - Hommage au père Marie-Dominique Philippe, O.P. (in French)
• Article of Bernard Seillier, sénateur - In memoriam : Père Philippe (in French)
• Article of Marcel Neusch - La Croix du 28 août 2006 (in French)
• Article of François-Xavier Putallaz - Le Nouvelliste (Sion) du 01 septembre 2006 (in French)
 • Article of Marie-Noëlle Tranchant - Le Monde des religions - mars-avril 2007 (in French)
• Letter of Mgr Cazabon, Bishop of Saint Jérôme (Québec) (in French)