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It is the spirit of the Family of Saint John which profoundly unites all of its members.
But there exists in this family different ways of living from Saint John's paternity while preserving the unity of heart and soul which characterized the first Christian communities (cf. Acts 4:32).

The brothers

After a time of novitiate and formation (seven years), during which they endeavor to enter fully into the spirit of the family of Saint John, the Brothers live in small communities: priories.
The apostolic acitivity of these priories seeks to be the "irradiation" of the contemplative and religious life of the Brothers. Therefore, their first role is to be "oases" of spiritual hospitality and of search for and communication of the truth.
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The Contemplative Sisters

Particularly "hidden in God" by Mary and in her, the contemplative sisters are, in the heart of the family of Saint John, guardians of its contemplative fervor. Living the Father's attraction in an ultimate way requires of them a silent, but joyful fraternal charity that bears wittness to the victory of love given by Jesus to all men
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The Apostolic Sisters

The apostolic sisters are especially witnesses to the link between the fervor of fraternal charity and apostolic presence. They seek to realize a liturgical life that, with a certain beauty, may help the faithful to pray and to discover the presence of Mary in their midst. They cooperate in the apostolic life of the brothers, serving the Community and the Church.
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The Laity

The fatherhood of Saint John also extends to Christians living in the world. In the footsteps of Saint John, they desire to live more intensely their bond of faith, hope, and love with Christ.
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